How to watch free tv shows?

It's pretty easy. Use the search function at the top of this page. Find your favorite show. We will automatically detect if you have watched it before and you can continue there directly. If it's the first time you are watching the show, click on Start watching button or browse around the seasons and episodes to find the episode you want to watch. Once there, just click on the player on your right.

Will KeckTV always be free?

Or do you plan to run ads?

Please note KeckTV is a non profit website, however maintaining indexes of more than 100k episodes takes a lot of server power and time. With the increase in visitors, if server charges are not met via donation, we will run ads on the site. So please, Donate whenever you can to keep this ad free.

How do I disable pop ups?

Or Why does it keep taking me to a different page after clicking the player?

Episodes are hosted on third party websites, we merely index and catalogue them for your ease of access, went have no control over those pop ups. However, you can easliy disable them by pairing your device with KeckTV.

Why do you have wrong episodes?

Or, why do you have incomplete episodes?

Or, why do you have episodes with wrong languages?

To fix wrong episodes, please use the report button below the player and tell us why it's wrong and we'll fix it as soons as possible. This can however take sometime because this being a completely free tv streaming service there's only so many reports we can attend to.

KeckTV is merely an indexing website just like google. So it tries to guess the correct show name, season number and also the episode number automatically, hence sometimes there are wrong guesses.

It keeps saying file has been deleted.

Or it won't refresh the link even after pressing refresh button.

Please hard refresh your browser (Ctrl + F5) after refreshing the link to fix this. Your browser sometimes cache the pages and doesn't show you the updated episode even though it has been refreshed at our end.

Since we do not host the files we have no knowledge of files being deleted. Sometimes it may happen that we ran out of links, in that case, please use the report feature under the player and select wronglink and tell us that the link is not refreshing.

Why do you have missing episodes?

Please understand it takes about two days to index the episodes after the airing of the episodes. In a few cases it can be longer than that. If you still can't find the episode you are looking for after 7 days, please use the comment feature on the episode page to request the episode. Please note: Requests made before 7 days will be ignored.

How can I add shows to my watchlist?

All the shows you watch are automatically logged and listed on our homepage when you visit it. However we do not have any sign up feature at the moment so when you clear your cookies, those logs will be gone.

How to download episodes?

To download episodes, you'll have to use our pairing feature. Once your device is paired with KeckTV, go back to the episode you want to download, click on the download button that appears below the player, and the download will start.

My episode keeps loading or buffering.

Or my episode keeps getting stuck every now and then.

This is due to your slow internet connection. Click on play button to start loading the episode and then hit pause immediately. Wait for 5 minutes and then come back and click button. This way it won't get stuck so much but it'll be better to get a good internet connection.

Leave us a comment for further queries on KeckTV

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